Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Product Arrives!

The store is now carrying "Your Story by Roeda" decorative art. It is a three-step magnetic display system. You select a base, select words, and then select your embellishments. (It's kinda like a magnetic scrapbook page in your home.) This sample used the word "family" as the base. There are several other choices to pick from. The base can be displayed by clinging to metal doors or appliances, used in a stand up display base (as in the photo), or hung on the wall with a hanger.

You can also select a picture frame or a memo board as the base. (see photo) There are many different themes of embellishments available: seasons, gardening, beach, outdoors, pets. When you want to change the look of your base, simply switch out the embellishments. Be sure to check out the huge display the next time you're in the store. This would be a great Christmas or wedding gift!

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Anonymous said...

These look cute. Can't wait to see them in person.