Monday, July 12, 2010

Lunch Box Love Notes

Since school is just around the corner, it's time to do another lunch box love note exchange. We will create little notes you can put in a child's lunch box (or leave for other loved ones). Each participant will create 10 love notes to exchange with the other participants. Your kids will really enjoy getting these surprise notes at lunchtime.

Due date: 6 PM Wednesday, Aug 18 so you have lots of time for creativity
Pick up your notes on Saturday, Aug 21.

1. Possible themes include sports, love, academics, animals, rock n' roll, Disney, motivational sayings. All cards should be unisex in design so they are appropriate for girls or boys.
2. Size: 2" x 3.5" OR larger. You can create any shape (circle, heart, star) as long as it meets the minimum size.
3. Supplies: For sturdiness, please use cardstock and plan a two-layer design and include some sort of embellishment (sticker, die cut, etc...)
4. Please include journaling lines on your cards by either stamping lines OR print lines on your computer.

Sample cards are posted in the store. You can also see samples on the Aug 9, 2009 blog entry. (Scroll down the left side to find the archived entries.)

If you want to join this fun group, please sign up at the store.

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