Friday, April 2, 2010

Great new product

The store has just received a great new product- Bazzill Glaze cardstock. As you can see in the photo, the cardstock is white on white. The pattern is created by selected glazed areas. You can see the design in the area highlighted by the camera flash. There are two choices: this Easter egg pattern and a cute cupcake pattern.

You can use the cardstock as is if you want a monochromatic scheme. The upper left corner was colored easily by rubbing a small ink pad across the corner. The glazed area will resist the ink and the paper will absorb the color. If you want a sharp contrast, let the ink soak in a few minutes. Then wipe the surface with a paper towel. The glazed area will return to a brighter white shade after wiping. (This product is similar to the "Invisibles.") You can also use your Glimmer Mist or Smooch Spritz to color the cardstock.

The upper right corner (the small egg) was dyed by "painting" ink onto selected parts of an Easter egg. I wanted to see the effects of using multicolored inks on the paper. Well, I am not into coloring, so I opted for the fast route using an ink pad. I am sure Copic markers or pencils would also be effective if you enjoy coloring.

There are lots of possibilities. Stop by the store to see the finished project using Bazzill Glaze.

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