Sunday, February 7, 2010

American Crafts is here!

Five collections from American Crafts have arrived at the store. This company is known for double-sided, cardstock-weight paper. One side is patterned with a coordinating solid on the back. The colors within a collection all match so your choices are versatile. Some patterns also have glossy elements. All the collections include matching embellishments.

Two of the collections offer an extra bonus feature. You know the little strip at the bottom of a sheet of paper that includes the company name and a UPC bar code? These collections include a printed border on the back of this strip. So something you would normally throw away can now be used as a border on your project. How cool is that?

We're so excited about the addition of American Crafts to the inventory that we're highlighting one of the collections for the current card swap. Stop by the store and check out the new items!

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